Tips For Efficient Irrigation

In order to have lush lawns, beautiful flowers and growing gardens relying on the sky to open up and supply us with rain just won’t do it.  This is why many will invest in irrigation services ma to supply the required water to the areas that need it the most.  When looking to irrigate your yard, flowers or other plant life knowing some of these key components is a great way to ensure that your resources are not wasted and are used to their fullest potential.

Using a timer

A timer will be your best friend when doing anything with your irrigation systems.  Different timers and sensors tied into your irrigation systems will turn water on and off at specific times of the day, check moisture levels in the soil and much more. 

Clean your filters

irrigation services ma

Many irrigation systems have filters on them that will get dirty from time to time.  As water flows through the system dirt can get caught up causing clogs and needed repairs.  When we remove filters and clean them the flow of water and air can move freely throughout the system.

Don’t over tighten components to your system

When installing and doing maintenance on your system, make sure that you don’t over tighten, twist or otherwise put stress on components.  When we put stress on our systems the likelihood of them starting to crack, break or come apart increases greatly. 

You want to handle your systems with care.  If you find a snag or if something just doesn’t look right take a moment to investigate.  Grabbing, pulling and otherwise being rough with your equipment will increase the likelihood of a hole forming, a connection coming lose or worse yet, an unseen problem that only presents itself later down the road requiring extensive repairs.