Pergola Not Complete Without Its Canopy

custom pergola canopy

Ah! The pergola! Who would have thought that you could do this? You might have thought that perhaps your property is just too small to have a pergola fitted in. You might even have thought that this is a trifle too expensive. An added luxury that you could just as well do without for now. But far be it. Why not have a pergola put in somewhere in your backyard? After all, home is where the heart is and you may as well make the most out of getting the most enjoyment out of your home as possible. But come rain or shine, the pergola does lose heart if it is without a custom pergola canopy.

A pergola without its sheltering canopy could be like looking at an empty egg shell. There is no life in it. And it would not be long before all material life is sucked out of it as well. Just think. Never mind the weather. Never mind what damage rain and sleet could do to an empty unsheltered pergola. Never mind what the hot summer sun is capable of doing. What about the birds? Yes, there are those. For most folks who love their gardens, these are welcome visitors. In fact, they’re not just visitors, they become part of the family. You feel warm inside in knowing that they are always welcome to stay in your garden.

But, ah yes, would you look at that lovely pergola. Come, let’s go and perch ourselves on it. And boy oh boy, not only do birds of a feather flock together, they make a right, royal mess too. And of course, you’ll want to avoid that too. So there’s what you do as well. You build them a lovely little bird house too.